Dora Lachaise

Recently found wandering through Glasgow’s Victorian cemeteries, Dora Lachaise produces dark and otherworldly music.

Her fascination with UFO conspiracy theories and Nick Cave’s murder duets inspired Weather Balloons, her joint new EP with Jonni Slater.

“It’s audacious, bold and beautiful. The lyrics are poetic, the interplay between the vocalists, so much to love here.”
– Eclectic Picks, Fresh on the Net

a truly talented artist with touches of Kate Bush … we are gripped from the start.


University of Glasgow on 15 June: free tickets

  • Bluer Skies

    Bluer Skies

    A critique of the consumer dream disguised as a retro-sounding love song. Taken from Weather Balloons.

  • Weather Balloons (EP)

    Weather Balloons (EP)

    The new EP by Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater. It combines Jonni’s love for film noir and Cold War novels with Dora’s fascination with UFO conspiracy theories and Nick Cave’s ominous murder ballads.

  • Braver Than You

    Braver Than You

    We cross a scorching desert and live through a barren winter, but expressing our feelings may be the hardest thing we ever try to do. The lead single from Dora and Jonni’s EP Weather Balloons.

  • Sign on the Door

    Sign on the Door

    Inspired by Nick Cave’s duets with Kylie Minogue and PJ Harvey, Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater decided to collaborate. Their first joint single.

  • I Confess (Alfonse Remix)

    I Confess (Alfonse Remix)

    Electronic music maker Alfonse reimagines I Confess as a dance track, contrasting Dora’s mesmerising, treated vocals with his quirky synthscapes.

  • I Confess

    I Confess

    An experimental electronic track based on the life of Mary Magdalene.

  • Bone Collector

    Bone Collector

    Dora’s debut single. The haunting of the British Museum.


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