Cover art for Dora's I Confess (Alfonse Remix) track. Photo of a hand holding a metallic pink apple.

I Confess (Alfonse Remix)

Electronic music maker Alfonse reimagines I Confess as a dance track, contrasting Dora’s mesmerising, treated vocals with his quirky synthscapes.

About Alfonse

Bristol-based Alfonse is best known for the catchy electronic tunes he makes using ‘80s keyboards. His YouTube channel, where he demonstrates how he builds tracks on these cult objects, has been steadily growing. But aside from the instrumental keyboard tracks, his back catalogue spans more than a decade and includes singles featuring top vocalists from Bristol. His music’s been played on local BBC as well as BBC Radio 6 Music.

I Confess

I Confess was inspired by a statue of Mary Magdalene, a widely misrepresented historical figure. The single was track of the week on BBC introducing in the West and was enthusiastically received by blogs and local and internet radio stations in the UK and beyond.


Remixed, arranged, produced by Alfonse
Original song, melody, lyrics and artwork by Dora Lachaise

Released on 3 February 2023