Cover image for 'Sign on the Door'. An abandoned house on Dartmoor.

Sign on the Door

A cat-and-mouse chase across Europe. From the forests of Latvia, via Riga and Tallinn, to the open ground of Dartmoor, winding up languishing in a cell at Shepton Mallet prison.

The story

Inspired by Nick Cave’s duets with Kylie Minogue and PJ Harvey, Glasgow-based Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater decided to collaborate. Their first joint single, Sign on the Door, was sparked by Jonni’s love for Cold War era novels and films, with his character on the run from Dora’s determined agent of the law. The track is co-produced by James Sanger (Keane, Dido), who invited the duo to come and work with him at his recording studio in northern France.


Airplay on the Roddy Hart Show on BBC Scotland and Jim Gelatly’s show on Amazing Radio. Playlisted on CamGlen Radio.

“Surprise yourself with the intensity of the single “Sign on the Door” by the duo Dora Lachaise & Jonni Slater .” – Music For All

“transports the listener on a musical adventure that alternates between tender, intimate moments and soaring, epic crescendos.” – Lost in the Manor

“‘Sign on the Door’ is one of the most stunning, cinematic, anthemic, and downright exceptional tunes that I’ve heard so far this year.” – Mesmerized

“It’s audacious, bold and beautiful. The lyrics are poetic, the interplay between the vocalists, so much to love here.” – Eclectic Picks, Fresh On The Net

“The two talented vocalists share the spotlight, often singing different melodies on top of each other or complimenting the other one’s lines in a very interesting and dramatic dynamic. The vintage instruments used in the song […] create a dark and eerie atmosphere that works incredibly well within the track.” – Less Than 1,000 Followers


There’s no sign on the door
There’s a crack in the window
Never been here before
But I know that you are here

And I wait for you
Senses sharp
Can never close my eyes
And when I run
I will melt into the nigh
An empty room
And I was never there

Not this time
You won’t get away

You’re the pins on my map
You’re the year that’s behind me
You’re the face in the photograph
You smile just to defy me

And you’ll never know
How close I’ve been
I faced you in a crowd
Turn my head
Held my nerve and walked on by
A heartbeat
And I was never there

Not this time
You won’t get away

Whatever separates me from you
An ocean or a door
I’ll always be one step ahead
Towards what’s coming for us all

There’s no sign on your door
There’s no light through your window


Words and Music: Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater
Produced by: James Sanger and Jonni Slater
Recorded at Vibey Studios and 79Wave Studios
Mixed by: Jonni Slater
Mastered by: Nick Cooke

Dora Lachaise: Vocals
Jonni Slater: Vocals, Dulcitone, synth, acoustic guitar
Ian Bostic: Drums
Jonni Slater and James Sanger: Omnichord