Cover art for the track Bone Collector. An X ray photo of a cat paw.

Bone Collector

The story

The British Museum has 140 Egyptian mummies and coffins under its roof. Guards hear strange noises and feel unexplained draughts at night, they told news media earlier this year. A caretaker talks to the mummies when she handles them – according to ancient Egyptian customs, it keeps them alive.

What would the deceased inhabitants of the museum say if they could speak? That’s the topic of Dora Lachaise’s debut single Bone Collector.

Musically, Lachaise winks at Danny Elfman’s uncanny soundtracks for movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Her voice is prominent as she whispers; it filters through an old radio reminiscent of Portishead’s vocalist Beth Gibbons; and she sings in a beautifully clear night-time choir that longs to go home.

Press quotes

Airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music, Scotland and Bristol.

“It’s dead creepy … I love it.”
– Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol

“a spooky number with an air of menace mixed with a certain innocence that always gives the listener a feeling of unease … enough to send a shiver down your spine.”
– Brian Inglis, Jelli Records

“Splendid, alluring, mysterious, dark, compelling, dystopian, intimate… what a track!”
– Wud Records

“dark story-telling in the form of disarmingly sweet melodies in minor keys that could almost be part of a lineage involving Marlene Dietrich and Julie London”
– Neil March, Trust the Doc

“‘Bone Collector’ elegantly engulfs one with its poetic beauty. Showcasing her innovativeness and versatility as an artist, Dora Lachaise makes a splash with her sophisticated and unforgettable debut single.”
– Nexus Music Blog

“Her vocals brush against your senses like a chill wind in an abandoned building leaving you spooked yet utterly enthralled.”
– The Other Side Reviews


Speak my name
Handle me
Treat me as a friend
That’s the way to trap a soul

The smell is sweet
It is chemistry
Hold me in your cabinet
Until it is safe to go home

In the night, we sing our songs 
In the hope that she will hear

There is life inside these bones

Oh, bone collector
Oh, bone collector

Wrapped in linnen, filled with sand
Painted smiles on sad-eyed cats

In the night, we sing our songs 
In the hope that she will hear

The collector stole these bones

Oh, bone collector
Oh, bone collector

Flick the switch
And bolt the door
Go home, go to bed
I’ll be waiting in your dreams


Vocals and guitar: Dora Lachaise
Cello: Siobhan Wilson
Backing vocals: Jonni Slater

Mixed by Jonni Slater
Mastered by Nick Cooke
Written and produced by Dora Lachaise

Cover art by Daniel and Vissla Ekbladh
Video by Jonni Slater and Dora Lachaise

Released on 23 October 2020