Cover art for Bluer Skies. A woman's hand squeezes an orange. 2.5 more oranges lie on a sky-blue table cloth. Text: Dora Lachaise, Jonni Slater, Bluer Skies.

Bluer Skies

The story

What does it take to be happy and loved? On their new single, Bluer Skies, Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater create the perfect picture of a happy marriage through outward appearances, purchases and possessions. But an underlying loneliness shines through the cracks. Even the romantic relationship at the heart of the song turns out to be a mere idea.

Bluer Skies has a retro feel to it, triggered by the sound of Jonni’s mellotron. In the lyrics, the destructive consumer dream that we embarked on in the 1950s comes to life. Dora and Jonni were inspired by old footage of beach holidays, houses filled with appliances, and a bride who smiles so hard it’s scary.

Taken from the EP, Weather Balloons.


Artist of the week with an interview on Resonate

“Dora and Jonni’s melodic vocals soar effortlessly above the shimmering instrumentation. The gentle splashy percussion adds a touch of playfulness to the song, evoking a sense of serenity and optimism.” – Plastic Mag

“a musical marvel on its own merit” – Lost in the Manor


Bluer skies and golden days
It’s the promise that we made
She was dressed in white
I didn’t hesitate

Bluer skies and glistening waves
His sunburnt skin and aftershave
Forever in the sun
Life had just begun

At times I dream of you
You almost become real
You dive into the blue
You’re picture perfect
I never want to see you fade

A sky-blue dress
A permanent wave
A brand new home with microwave
A garden out the back
Paint over the cracks

Bluer skies, I keep the receipts
Come home late
They’re all asleep
Our smiling family
Just like on TV

At times I dream of you…

Bluer skies never lured me away


Words and Music: Jonni Slater and Dora Lachaise
Produced by: Jonni Slater
Recorded at 79Wave Studios
Mixed by: Jonni Slater
Mastered by: Nick Cooke

Dora Lachaise: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Jonni Slater: Vocals, keyboards

Released on 20 October 2023







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