Braver Than You

The story

Braver Than You is the first song that Jonni Slater and Dora Lachaise wrote together. Inspired by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue’s Where the Wild Roses Grow, it’s a duet that could have been a love song, except it doesn’t end well. Set against the backdrop of a journey across a continent to start a new life, Dora and Jonni harmonise but can’t seem to speak the words that would bring their characters together.


Airplay on the Iain Anderson’s show on BBC Scotland and Jim Gelatly’s show on Amazing Radio. Playlisted on CamGlen Radio.

“Trading verses, harmonising and coming together sometimes in unison, their voices blend beautifully over finger-picked guitar, pulsing bass and soft drums. An absorbing debut.” – Tony Hardy, fifty3

“A gorgeous flowing acoustic guitar arpeggio ebbs and flows through the tune […] they combine their voices together on the choruses in a lovely, harmonic way.” – Jane Howkins, York Calling

“melodic, delicately nuanced and most engaging” – Neil March, Trust the Doc 81

“Dora Lachaise what a voice!!”
“the amazing Braver Than You. Stunning” – Casimir, Kinetic 7 Radio

“excellently epic” – Paul Barker, BackStreetRadio

“One of the reasons why I picked this particular song is because of the chord progression. (…) It gives me a bit of a chill when the progression changes; when the harmonies come through” – Del Owusu, Tales From A Virtual Record Shop podcast


In the orange glow of an open fire
Saw your face for the first time
I didn’t know what you would mean to me
When we set out in the morning

We all were dreamers leaving certainty behind
I was restless, always running out
Running from the past
But on that trail beneath a wide open sky
Walked a while beside you

Together we chased the setting sun
All that we faced has made us strong
And through it all you have come to prove
There’s no-one braver than you

Red swirling sand, ghosts from the past
Erased the tracks that we left
Uncharted land, secrets of a man
Precious as water

That long cold winter nearly took us all
The pass was frozen, every step we took
Seemed would be our last
The dream we shared and the fire in our hearts
All that kept us from the wolves

Together we chased the setting sun
Our darkest days have made us strong
And through it all you have come to prove
There’s no-one braver than you

With words left unsaid
We hang by a thread
Walk together in dreams as we lie alone

Now every day and night I keep
Listening for words that you won’t speak
And after all do I still need to
Find someone braver than you
Find someone braver than you


Words and Music: Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater
Produced by: James Sanger and Jonni Slater
Recorded at Vibey Studios and 79Wave Studios
Mixed by: Jonni Slater
Mastered by: Nick Cooke

Dora Lachaise: Vocals
Jonni Slater: Vocals, acoustic guitar, synth, rhodes
Ian Bostic: Drums
James Sanger: Programming

Released on 1 June 2023