New single: I Confess

Dora Lachaise’s enchanting second single

“‘I Confess’ is a sonic wonderland of electronic energy, with a candid human touch.”

“My productions had always been based around acoustic guitars and pianos, but electronic artists like Sevdaliza and FKA twigs lured me into a different, more experimental sonic world.” Dora says. The resulting track contrasts gritty, industrial percussion with sparkling, multi-faceted vocals.

Inspired by a medieval statue of Mary Magdalene, ‘I Confess’ has launched Dora into the semi-finals of the Dutch national ‘Art Rocks’ competition. “Mary Magdalene’s story was used to pressure girls and women into behaving in a certain way,” she explains. “I wanted to lend my voice to Mary to defend herself, because even today, women are judged by outdated ideas.”

Released on Friday 5 March.

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